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waxing certification online
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Like so many other beauty pros out there do you have concerns like these:

  • "I don't want to hurt my client - which makes me nervous before a waxing service."
  • "I want to be the best waxer but I can't find anyone to teach me."
  • "I want to know how to design beautiful brows on my clients."
  • "I need help learning the best techniques, especially with sensitive clients."
  • "I want new tips I can start using today, but there is never a good class near me."


"I don't understand why waxing is so hard for me."
We hear you!  Most of us were not taught body waxing in school, yet we were sent into the work world not knowing the details of how to wax safely and easily.
Waxing shouldn't be hard. You should feel comfortable with your skills and confident knowing you won't hurt your client.
"I don't like to feel overwhelmed when waxing"
We understand how it feels to want to take the best care of clients.
You should be able to get the training and tools that help you make your clients feel safe and that help you know exactly what to do in the waxing room
And we have already put all of these training tools in one place for you with the GentleWaxPRO course
 Here's Your "Painless Waxing Plan"
  • Enroll In the GentleWaxPRO Course
  • Have less frustration and more confidence waxing! 
  • Learn the Secrets of Gentle Waxing, Step-By-Step!
  • Become an Eyebrow Design Rock Star!
  • ...and earn your GentleWaxPRO Certification!
Discover all of the Secrets
that make waxing stress-free
and easier on your body!

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Waxing Certificate online
Waxing Classes For Estheticians Near Me

Hold On Tight, Here's What You'll Get:
  • Step-by-Step Body WaxingWe Have It Just For YOU.
  • Unique Techniques We've Never Shared Before that even the most experienced waxers don't know!
  • Step-by-Step Guidance on how to avoid unpleasant waxing reactions
  • Every Lesson Is A Video! Get ready to Binge Watch!
  • Secret NO Model Needed Practice Methods that up your game and don't require a model...woohoo!
  • Confidence that you can gently wax your clients with care and ease
  • Up Close Waxing Session Videos so you always have a front row seat in class
  • How To Create Beautiful, Timeless Brows...heck yeah!! 
  • Samples of Intake Forms and How To Run Your Consultation 
  • Contraindication Essentials and the knowledge you'll need to wax safely and gently
  • Certificate of Completion once you pass the exam
  • 100 Days Of Full Course Access!
Learn Eyebrow Waxing Online


This Is Not Just Another "waxing class"
This is the only class you should take
to master gentle, easy waxing...
feel relaxed and peaceful in your waxing room!
Waxing Courses Near Me
Waxing Classes Near Me
  • Featured on Good Housekeeping, Today, Yahoo, Fox News Magazine, Consumer Reports ShopSmart, MSN Living, Women's World, Bridal Guide,The Dermstore and more!
  • Built A Successful Specialty Salon
  • Educated Thousands through her websites
  • Licensed Esthetician in California & Pennsylvania
Waxing Class With Certificate Online
Over the past 18 years she has developed a signature style and has built a successful niche salon.  Currently, she has hundreds of ladies waiting for an initial consultation with her.  With a consistent retention rate near 100%, Pamela has developed specialty services that are in demand, and you can too!
Pamela is know for her flawless, gentle waxing that leaves clients' skin buttery soft and irritation free.  She has been called " of the best eyebrow designers in the professional beauty industry."  Her clients refer to her Brow Couture Design service as "the Holy Grail of eyebrows"  and "Genius".
She's "been there, done that"
Now she guides you through all she's learned
Waxing Classes For Estheticians Near Me
When You Enroll Get Some
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THE BEST WAY TO BOOK YOUR CLIENTS PDF revealing how to maintain a Super High Retention Rate. This is the exact method Pamela uses to keep her retention rate near 100%
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Your very own Beauty Editorial Calendar! We also give you some marketing tips and info for when you send them out. 
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HOW TO INCREASE PROFITS IN YOUR BUSINESS PDF. There are ways to cut costs and add revenue to your bottom line. We share tips you can begin implementing now.
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RAISING YOUR RATE: WHAT CAN IT BUY YOU? MINI WEBINAR VIDEO. Did you know that raising your rates can do so much more than just make you more money?  Watch and see how it can actually buy you time!
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But wait...there's MORE!!!!!
The Complete EyebrowMBA Class!!!
This BONUS CLASS will be waiting for you in the Main Curriculum!
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A Final Note From Pamela:
"The only thing that matters to the client is how they feel when they leave your waxing room. Knowing how to wax gently and efficiently will keep getting the "average wax" down the street." clients paying top dollar to see you instead of  room.
It's Time To Become the
Waxer Everybody LOVES!!

Professional Waxing Class For Estheticians

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